Mr. Ed Emmanuel (Author of the Soul Patrol) and Fellow Brothers of the Soul Patrol to be Recognized as One of the Guest of HONORS for AVB-NC

When Ed Emanuel was handpicked for the first African American special operations LRRP team in Vietnam, he knew his six-man team couldn’t have asked for a tougher proving ground than Cu Chi in the summer of 1968. Home to the largest Viet cong tunnel complex in Vietnam, Cu Chi was the deadly heart of the […]

Mr. Dale Beatty, Purple Heart Recipient & Founder of Purple Hearts for HOMES to be KEYNOTE Speaker for the American Veterans Ball Charlotte, NC

It was supposed to be a routine patrol for Dale Beatty, a National Guardsman serving in northern Iraq. But when the Humvee he was in veered slightly off the road, his life changed in an instant. “I remember seeing all the sand across the dash of the Humvee go up in the air. That was […]