Lawrence Wingate, CSSGB, was born in Trenton, NJ, to his community activist parents, the late John C. Wingate, a Construction Worker and to Lillian Wingate, a Princeton Hospital Nurse. Mr. Wingate understood hard work and compassion for others at a young age.

Mr. Wingate’s father had this saying, “If you want to have a great life, do great things in other people lives”. Hearing this every single day of his life, and keeping with his family values of serving others before you serve yourself, Mr. Wingate at the age of 17, joined the United States Army on December 7, 1984. Private Wingate, using his Community Activist skills to organized people and events has landed him some prestige’s positions in his unit of assignments.

Through many promotions and accolades, Staff Sergeant Wingate served as the Director, Event & Entertainment for the United States Army stationed at the Pentagon, and has served Honorably for 23 years until his retirement on April 30, 2007.  That same month and year, Mr. Wingate created Wingate Media Entertainment, a Media Entertainment Company, where Mr. Wingate holds the position of Owner. In June 2014, Mr. Wingate became the Co-Founder of the Charlotte, Event & Meeting Planners Association.

Mr. Wingate also is a Private Investigator; with numerous investigations under his belt. He holds a certification in Six Sigma Greenbelt, ServSafe Alcohol, to include completed course work in Six Sigma Blackbelt. Mr. Wingate, also has extensive experience in Sales & Marketing & Advertising, Business Analyst, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Business Consultant and as a Platform Instructor.